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Video Highlights
  • Price Includes Take Home and Public Performance Rights
  • 50 minutes total playing time
  • 2 parts
  • copyright 2002
  • exceptional film footage
  • commentaries by History Professors Ben Forster and Sid Noel of the University of Western Ontario
  • Review Of 1940�s
  • Korean War
  • Hydrogen Bomb
  • Cold War
  • Bomb Shelters
  • Fear Of Nuclear War
  • AVRO Arrow
  • Bomarc Missile
  • Suez Canal Crisis
  • Lester Pearson
  • Ambassador Herbert Norman
  • Concern Over U.S. Investment
  • Sputnik
  • Khrushchev
  • Fidel Castro
  • Women�s Changing Role
  • Music, Television, Movies
  • Baby Boom, Economic Growth
  • Immigration
  • Queen Elizabeth II Coronation
  • Labour & Union Movement
  • Trans-Canada Highway Project
  • St. Lawrence Seaway Project
  • Trans-Continental Pipeline Project
  • Quebec & Maurice Duplessis
  • Federal Politics
  • Louis St. Laurent
  • John Diefenbaker
  • Lester Pearson
  Commentary by History Professors Sid Noel 
  and Ben Forster of the University of Western Ontario assist in a better understanding of the changes the 1950's brought to Canada.

CANADA IN THE 1950's      DVD or VHS
Playing Time - 50 minutes (2 Parts)
Catalogue No. VHS-1928

This excellent video series looks at Canada in the 1950's. 

Three words describe the 1950�s in Canada:

For ten years the phenomenal growth rate surged and its affects were felt into the 21st century. The average Canadian living wage skyrocketed and the labour market tightened. It was an age of mega-projects like the St. Lawrence Seaway and Trans-Continental Pipeline and of another war, this time in Korea. Politics were dominated by Louis St. Laurent, Lester Pearson, John Diefenbaker and Maurice Duplessis.  It was the decade of the cold war, bomb shelters, bomarc missiles, Suez Crisis and the Avro Arrow. It was also the decade of Sputnik; Khruschev and Castro.  The 1950's also saw the onset of television, the formation of the CBC, stars like Wayne and Shuster, Don Messer and Elvis Presley and Rock and Roll. Through it all the specter of Nuclear War was constantly present.

Journey with us as we bring to life this fast paced decade. Includes commentaries by History Professors Ben Forster and Sid Noel of the University Of Western Ontario as they reflect on the events of the 1950�s and the changes the decade brought for Canadians.

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Sample 1 - The 1950's saw a Baby Boom in Canada that has never been repeated. 


Sample 2 - It was a time of building in Canada.  There were a number of megaprojects in the 1950's including the St. Lawrence Seaway.

transcanada highway

Sample 3 - The Trans-Canada Highway was another megaproject of the 1950's


Sample 4 - The Trans Continental Pipeline was the megaproject that saw the Liberal Party's reign within Federal Politics, damaged, paving the way for the Conservatives under John Diefenbaker to regain power.


Sample 5 - John Diefenbaker ended the Liberal Party's dominance of Federal Politics which had lasted more than twenty years. 


Sample 6 - Lester Pearson set the stage for Canada's role as a peace-keeper with his efforts to end the Suez Crisis.  His work was rewarded with his winning the Nobel Peace Prize.


Sample 7 - Industrial Production in Canada was amazing through much of the decade.  It was a time of building.  The effects of this boom would be felt into the 21st century.


Sample 8 - The Cold War and the threat of Nuclear War overshadowed the economic prosperity of the 1950's.


Sample 9 - Norad was formed in 1957.


Sample 10 - Many Canadians built fallout shelters in the hope of surviving a nuclear war.


Sample 11 - The new Soviet Leader Khrushchev did little to alleviate the fears of nuclear war with Russia.  He embarked on a campaign of world tours and launched the first sputnik into space that startled Americans and Canadians alike.


Sample 12 - Canadians served in yet another war, this time in Korea from 1950 to 1953.


Sample 13 - The Avro Arrow has remained a controversial subject.


Sample 14 - The Bomarc Missile would lead to the downfall of the Diefenbaker Government as the majority of Canadians were uncomfortable with the thought of Nuclear Weapons on Canadian soil.  Diefenbaker bought the bomarc but insisted they not contain a nuclear warhead.  In the end they were installed with nuclear warheads.


Sample 15 - The role of Women changed dramatically in the 1950's.


Sample 16 - Television became a household appliance in the 1950's.  The CBC was formed and shows like Wayne and Shuster and Don Messer became household friends for many Canadians.


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