The Great Lakes

The Great Lakes

This Canadian educational video looks at The Great Lakes. The Great Lakes are the largest expanse of fresh water on Earth. This Canadian educational video studies the geological formation and subsequent history of The Great Lakes.  It's history dates back beyond the age of man. This educational video takes students on an amazing journey through thousands of years of history as we explore The Great Lakes.

The audience is take to the depths of Lake Superior and then to Lake Huron where we tour one of the world's largest underground salt mines. This educational video studies rock formation to prove that at one time The Great Lakes region was a hot tropical environment which ended with the arrival of an ice age that lasted thousands of years.

Educational Video / Great Lakes

The Great Lakes educational video tours the world's largest underground salt mine located at Goderich in Ontario.

It was the ice age that formed the Great Lakes into the shapes we know today. Since man began paddling these waters as a route to the interior of North America, the Great Lakes have taken on incredible significance. This educational video shows students how valuable the Great Lakes water transportation route has become for both Canada and the United States. The Great Lakes today is the busiest shipping route in the world. Select this educational video link for further information about the Great Lakes.

This educational video presents a fascinating and informative study of The Great Lakes. This Canadian educational video is available in DVD format only. No web streaming or digital streaming rights are available.

The Great Lakes / Educational Video Contents

In The Great Lakes the following information is presented:

  • History of the Great Lakes
  • Geologic Formation and Theories
  • Ice Age development and formation of Great Lakes to current boundaries
  • Continuing development of the geology of the Great Lakes
  • History of man as it relates to the Great Lakes
  • Study of Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie
  • Underwater film of various aspects of the Great Lakes including images of the depth of Lake Superior
  • The importance of these fresh water bodies
  • Economic importance of the Great Lakes
  • Tour of one of the world's largest underground salt mines
  • Future aspects of the Great Lakes and its impact on North America
Educational Video / Great Lakes

Storms on the Great Lakes are ferocious and have claimed hundreds of lives and ships.

 The Great Lakes / Educational Video Details

This educational video is available for Schools, Resource Centres, Public Libraries.

The Great Lakes is Designed for Grades 6 to Adult / Ages 11 to Adult
This educational video is available in English Language Only / ©2008 / 50 minutes
The Great Lakes is available in DVD format only.

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Educational Video / The Great Lakes

Playing time: 50 minutes
Copyright: 2008
Grade Level: 6 through University
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