Letters From The Front

Letters From The Front

This film follows the daily life of a Canadian Private in World War Two through the letters he wrote home and the photographs he took. Aware of the immensity of the war which had engulfed the world, his letters described in detail the daily life of a soldier and the lives of those caught up in the war. His photographs taken with a Kodak Brownie camera, were not put into museums or bound in encyclopaedias, but instead created a record of average events and average people engulfed in a war of incomprehensible horror.

His story is told by his Grade 8 granddaughter who uncovered her grandfather's letters and photos after his passing. She combined them with interviews of two surviving family members who recall the dark days of World War II and the emotions of being in Canada while loved ones wrote from the battlefields overseas. This moving and thought provoking film was one of the winners of the Lawson Award for Literary Excellence. We are pleased to carry this film as a tribute to the many Canadians who served and as an example to students everywhere of what is possible to create through a combination of hard work, imagination and a striving for excellence.

Grades 7 through Adults. English language only. 20 minutes, ©2001

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Educational Video - Letters From The Front

Playing time: 20 minutes
Copyright: 2001
Grade Level: 7 through Adult
Age Level: 12 through Adult

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