Louis Riel

Louis Riel

Louis Riel (1844-1885) remains a prominent figure in Canadian History and Politics. Leader of the Métis and widely regarded as the founder of the province of Manitoba, Riel’s story remains a troubled and debated topic more than a hundred years after his death in 1885 by hanging for treason.

The story of the two Rebellions of the Canadian West are brought to life in this drama-documentary. The historic events are fully explained and documented. The film looks at the causes of both rebellions, formation of Manitoba, the Metis and Native tribes and their leaders, Big Bear and Poundmaker. The film concludes with the trial and execution of Louis Riel.

The film also contains speeches and written comments of many key figures including Louis Riel, Prime Minister Macdonald, Gabriel Dumont, and General Middleton, among others. These authentic dramatizations assist in painting an excellent portrayal of Louis Riel and the events of his time period allowing viewers to judge the historic events for themselves that lead to a tragic period in Canadian history.

Designed for Grades 6 to University / Ages 10 to Adult
English Language Only / ©2004 / 40 minutes

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Louis Riel filmPlaying time: 40 minutes
Copyright: 2004
Grade Level: 6 through University
Age Level: 10 through Adult

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