People Of The Pacific

People Of The Pacific

These Native Nations had perhaps the richest of Aboriginal cultures in Canada. They lived in a world unlike any other. The Pacific Ocean provided food in abundance and rainforests yielded enormous logs for huge homes, amazing canoes and intricate totems. These same forests were alive with wild animals for food and clothing. While other First Nations of Canada spent so much of their time searching and hunting for food, these people had time to form a complex society of a ruling class, commoners, freemen and slaves.  They developed a society steeped in tradition, culture, myths and structure.  Their desire for wealth and status among their peers led to the potlatch ceremony.  Their manner of dress was highly ornamental and clothing was cleverly woven from strips of inner cedar bark, as well as mountain goat wool, birds’ down and animal fur.  Their homes were unique among all First Nations as they crafted enormous cedar plank homes that could house forty to sixty people.  Their artwork in everything from totem poles and masks to clothing was distinct among all First Nations of Canada. This program explores their world including dwellings, food, canoes, clothing (chilkat clothing), tools, potlatch ceremony, spirits and shamans, art including totem poles, society, warfare, arrival of the Europeans, destruction of much of their way of life and people, and the revival of their culture and traditions.

Grades 4 through Adult. English Language Only. 20 minutes, ©2004

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People Of The Pacific

Playing time:
20 minutes
Copyright: 2004
Grade Level: 4 through Adult
Age Level: 9 through Adult
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