People Of The Tundra – The Inuit

People Of The Tundra – The Inuit

The Arctic is a brutal and severe environment. It is here that the Inuit have survived for thousands of years. Through intelligence, ingenuity, adaptation and great skill, they have thrived within the harshest conditions known to man. This program examines in beautiful detail the story of the Inuit. It examines methods of transportation, shelter, clothing, tools, weapons, their lifestyle, society and livelihood. Their culture is distinct from other First Nations and today it remains a vibrant, rich and exciting aspect of Canada’s Arctic.

Grades 4 through Adult. English Language Only. 15 minutes, ©2004

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People Of The Tundra - The Inuit
Playing time: 15 minutes
Copyright: 2004
Grade Level: 4 through Adult
Age Level: 9 through Adult
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