Understanding Government

Understanding Government

This film is designed for Junior High through Secondary and Adult. It presents an excellent and thorough understanding of how Canada's Federal Government functions. Content is as of the May 2011 federal elections so it is right up to date. It discusses the value of Government, types of Governments and explains our Parliamentary Democracy. Students learn about:

  • Political parties
  • Levels Of Government (ie Municipal, Provincial, Territorial, Federal)
  • Our Electoral Process
  • Legislation and Passage Of A Bill
  • Role Of Prime Minister
  • Role Of Members Of Parliament
  • Role Of Cabinet
  • Role Of Leader Of The Official Opposition and Opposition Parties
  • Importance Of Question Period
  • Committees
  • Our Constitution
  • Bill Of Rights
  • the House of Commons
  • the Senate
  • Role of the Queen and Governor General
  • Role of Speakers of both Houses
  • Pages, Clerks, Hansard and much more

Designed for Grades 8 to University / Ages 12 to Adult
English Language Only / ©2012 / 25 minutes

A Definitive teaching aid. If you are seeking a similar title for Grades 4 to 7 see the title Our Parliament.

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Educational Video - Understanding GovernmentPlaying time: 25 minutes
Copyright: 2011
Grade Level: 8 through University
Age Level: 12 through Adult

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