Wildlife Of Australia

Wildlife Of Australia

This video will appeal to all ages. Australia’s unique and fascinating wildlife are visited in this colourful film. The trip through the land down under covers many regions including the Continent of Australia, Great Barrier Reef, Outback, Tropics and Tasmania. Wildlife includes Koala, Grey Kangaroo, Wallaby, Emu, Shark, Sea Turtle, Platypus, Tasmanian Devil, Monitor, Wombat, Dingo and numerous birds. Designed for Grades 3 to 7 but the material is suitable for all ages.

Designed for Grades 3 to 8 / Ages 7 to 13
English Language Only / ©2002 / 20 minutes

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Educational Video: Australia's Wildlife
Playing time: 20 minutes
Copyright: 2002
Grade Level: 3 through 8
Age Level: 7 through 13

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