A Day At The Pond

A Day At The Pond

Take your class on a field trip to discover life at the pond in this Canadian Educational Video. Designed for Grades Kindergarten through to Grade 4 this Educational Video Program follows the antics of a 9-year-old boy and his 6-year-old sister as they discover what animals live in a pond, pond vegetation, wetland plants, pond organisms, microscopic pond life, pond life food chain and the important role ponds play in the overall Canadian environment and ecology.  This colourful educational DVD is easy for young students to follow and includes captions for specific words for reinforcement.

A Day At The Pond Educational Video

Students visit a pond and learn the important role pond life plays within Canada's environment and ecology.

Both children narrate throughout this educational video as they use a variety of home-made tools to inspect pond life, pond organisms and plant life. They explain how they fashioned their tools and how they use them. A beautiful original music score accompanies this enjoyable and easy to understand educational video. Film footage is exceptional including a kingfisher sequence, how frogs grow from eggs to tadpoles, a snake, minnows, water gliders, insects, ducks, lily pads and many other pond plants and other pond life animals.

Select this A Day At The Pond link to view the Government of British Columbia Natural Resources website. Select this educational video link to view Government of Ontario Pond and Wetland Informational Website.

A Day At The Pond - Educational Video Contents

In A Day At The Pond students learn the following information:

Students learn about many different animal life forms from microscopic to birds in the educational video A Day At The Pond

Students learn about many animal life forms from microscopic to birds in the educational video A Day At The Pond

  • Pond Animals
  • Pond Habitats
  • Wetlands and Wetland Plants
  • Pond Organisms
  • Pond Vegetation / Pond Plants
  • What Animals Live In A Pond
  • Life On The Pond Itself
  • How Ponds Are Important To The Ecology
  • Home-Made Tools To Explore A Pond

Playing time: 15 minutes
Copyright: 2005
Grade Level: K to 5
Age Level: 5 to 11
A Day At The Pond is English Language Only Partially Captioned To Reinforce Key Words

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A Day At The Pond Educational Video

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