HEY! They’re Building A New House

HEY! They’re Building A New House

This Educational Video takes students in grades 2 to 6 on a tour of a home construction site. The narrator is a young boy who explains the process of constructing a typical Canadian house. Shot entirely on site in Canada this Educational Video is in wide use among schools and public libraries. The young narrator does an exceptional job of discussing all key aspects of house construction within Canada. While this educational video is designed specifically for grades 2 to 6 or ages 7 to 12, the video will be of value to all ages through to adults. ESL students will find the video of great use as many of the keywords associated with house construction are on the screen and presented for reinforcement.

Educational Video Hey They're Building A New House

In the educational video Hey They're Building A New House, many keywords are captioned to reinforce the film content.

Hey! They're Building A New House Educational Video Outline

In the educational video Hey! They're Building A New House viewers learn the following:

  • purpose of a blueprint
  • steps required to get the house building started including surveying
  • excavation and footings
  • sill gasket purpose
  • energy audit and energy awareness construction and use of materials
  • framing
  • windows and doors
  • roofing including rain shields and load requirements
  • wiring and plumbing
  • cement work and brick laying
  • siding installation and roofing
  • heating, cooling and hot water
  • bathrooms and showers
  • gyproc and wall materials used
  • venting and energy conscious furnaces and air exchangers
  • flooring and carpeting
  • counters and cupboards
  • painting and decorating
  • driveways, porches and sidewalks
  • landscaping including trees and lawn

Playing time: 20 minutes
Copyright: 2005
Grade Level: Gr 2 to Gr 6, ESL
Age Level: 7 to 12
Hey! They're Building A New House is English Language Only Partially Captioned To Reinforce Key Words

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Educational Video Conservation Images

In the video students learn many key aspects of energy conservation that must be taken into account when building a house.

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Educational Video Hey! They're Building A New House

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