Elections In Canada

Elections In Canada

New for 2011, this program presents to elementary students a complete and easy to understand overview of our Federal Election Process. It explains why we have elections and their importance in our parliamentary democracy. It covers terms such as constituencies, candidates, party platforms, differing political parties, political literature, voting patterns, polls, types of elections, voters lists, enumeration, ballots and much more. An authoritative guide for studying the purpose, functions and importance of elections in our country. Subjects covered include:

  • What Is An Election
  • Causes Of Federal Elections
  • Forms of Government
  • Freedom of Choice
  • The Right and Responsibility To Vote
  • Levels of Governments (Provincial, Federal, Muncipal)
  • Members Of Parliament
  • Voting Procedure
  • Role Of Chief Electoral Officer
  • Role Of Governor General
  • Political Parties
  • Local Candidates
  • Role Of Media
  • Importance of Leaders Debate
  • Understanding Polls
  • Party Platforms
  • Election Day
  • Why Elections Are Essential In Canada

Designed for Grades 5 to 8 / Ages 10 to 14
English Language Only / ©2011 / 20 minutes

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Educational Video - Elections In Canada
Playing time: 20 minutes
Copyright: 2011
Grade Level: 5 through 8
Age Level: 10 through 14
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