Lest We Forget – Educational Video

Lest We Forget – Educational Video

This outstanding film presents a uniquely Canadian view of the importance of Remembrance Day. It looks at the efforts of Canada's armed forces in World War One, World War Two, Korea and Afghanistan. Students learn how Remembrance Day relates to them in their day to day activities, personal lives and friendships. Students are shown that on November 11th they should think of the terms Bravery, Loyalty, Sacrifice, Dedication, Peace and Freedom. Examples are given from their own lives that reflect on these themes. This is a compelling and emotionally charged film.

This film is of significance to ages from grades 4 through secondary. While this is a wide range of ages, it is the content and style of presentation that makes it of value to these grades. We recommend previewing this title through the preview on this page to determine the suitability for grades 4 to 6. There are some scenes of killed soldiers that may offend some in younger grades. As always all our films come with a 30 day no questions asked returned policy. The preview on this page contains half of the entire presentation which should give instructors a good basis to make an informed decision.

This film can be used for more than the unit of Remembrance Day. The themes of peace and war are just two concepts covered in this film. Others include the themes touched upon in the film itself, including Bravery, Loyalty, Sacrifice and Dedication.

Grades 4 through Adult. English Language Only. 12 minutes, ©2007

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Educational Video - Lest We Forget

Playing time: 12 minutes
Copyright: 2007
Grade Level: 4 through Adult
Age Level: 9 through Adult

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